The Guitarcamp 2020 will take place from

Sat. July 25. - Sun. August 2. 2020

the guitarcamp will be held in a reduced manner / details following
pre-reservations can be mailed to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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application Seckau 2020

maybe for reasons of Corona there will be no public concerts

opening concert:   Saturday  July 25  7 p.m.
Stefan Steinhauser (guitar solo; new CD "Ton") 
Las Cuerdas (guitarensemble from upper Austria with 9 musicians)

concert:    Thursday  July 3
0   7.30 p.m.
Sándor Papp (guitar solo; Hungary)
Duo Guirimbadu
(guitar & vibraphone; Portugal)

closing concert:  Sunday  August 2     10.30 p.m. 

participants of the Festival



Visitors to the concerts welcome 

lecturers and artists 2020:
teachers 2020   (planned)

Sándor Papp (Hungary)     Eudoro Grade (Portugal)
Florian Palier(Graz / Wien)    Johann Palier(Graz) 
Stefan Steinhauser (Graz)      Nathasja van Rosse (Netherlands)

Magazine Seckau 2019 download 

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Florian Palier plays the Fugue BWV 997 by Johann Sebastian Bach
(from the CD "Poetry and colours")

Violarra ~ Astor Piazzolla Libertango
                (from the upcoming CD "Violarra - Saitenspiel")            


                           Takuya Okamoto  J.S. Bach   Prelude & Allegro BWV 998   live in Seckau  Kaisersaal                                          


                          Guitarorchestra Seckau 2018   H.J.Kaps / J.Palier ~ Rumba catalan                                     




Seckau Regenbogen Stift Seckau hof bei nacht


In midsummer, whether in sweltering heat or during an impressive thunderstorm coming from the mountains surrounding the abbey, the atmosphere always provides opportunities for inspiration...


take place in the classrooms of the abbey’s secondary school (Stiftsgymnasium Seckau) or in the music rooms, the abbey library and lecture rooms. Whether pupil, student, guitar teacher or interested amateur musician, everyone benefits from the intense individual and ensemble lessons by ...


Music and the guitar is our focus of interest. Artistic highlights are the opening concert, concerts on Thursday, Friday and the final concert on Sunday where participants get the chance to perform. Besides, we organise exhibitions of luthiers presenting their guitars – ranging from school guitars to professional concert guitars – which of course can be tested by the participants or even purchased.

Lecturers and Teachers

A team of internationally renowned guitarists and teachers ensure the professional training including individual and ensemble lessons during the whole week.


The opening concert on Saturday shall put participants in the right mood for this intense week of guitar music before the individual lessons and lectures start on the following day. Usually after dinner, there are small exercise concerts where participants have the opportunity to gain experience on stage, playing in front of each other and the teachers. Each day ends with a special evening program comprising relaxation exercises, bedtime stories (for the younger participants … and for everyone else interested), campfire, a walk at night and even an exciting test of courage. Similarly, there are activities in the morning like early-morning exercises and training relaxation techniques.


Seckau Abbey, an impressive monastery, is situated in the small village of Seckau, 843 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains up to 2400 meters. Accommodation is provided in single rooms in the St. Joseph wing of the monastery. Or at St. Martha’s, the former nurses' home, which is only a few steps away from the abbey, where there are single, double or family rooms. Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are served at fixed times in the dining room of the abbey.


Especially for kids, there is one person available at all times, always there with an open ear and heart that can be addressed in all kinds of situations.

The atmosphere

What has been exceptional for the event since its beginning 19 years ago is the respectful cooperation of all parties involved. Intensive instruction, rehearsals, exercise concerts, listening, admiring and supporting each other ... young and old, professionals and amateurs … all mixed together for the common goal of making music. During this week, everything is about music and one can hear the sound of guitars from all corners of the venerable walls of the abbey.


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