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The International Guitar Festival Seckau 2012 was held for the 13th time. There were four concerts, guitar exhibitions and, of course, guitar lessons for guitarists of all different ages. The monastery of Seckau again was the ideal environment.


The opening concert on Saturday July 21st consisted of two parts. The first part was  dedicated to young guitar talents. The two first price winners of the competition "Prima la Musica" Melanie Hauswirtshofer and Matthias Winterholer were playing in the wonderful Kaisersaal.
The 12 year young Melanie Hauswirtshofer started her program with the Prelude in D major from Johann Sebastian Bach and continued  with music from all different epochs, including Johann Kaspar Mertz, Koshkin and the famous "El vito" by Azpiazu, stirring playing !


matthiasMatthias Winterholer, for many years participant of the Guitar Festival Seckau himself, also started with music by Johann Sebastian Bach. With two gavottes. He played them very musical. His very diversified program he continued with 4 Caprices by Luigi Legnani, finally to end with a tango by Maximo Diego Pujol. As an encore he played Verano Porteno by Astor Piazzolla. The visitors of the concert were delighted !


For the two young promising guitarists it was a first presentation in front of a larger audience.


Vladislav_BlahaThen the stage was open for the legendary czech guitarist Vladislav Bláha. To open his program he chose a piece by Jorge Morel - "Recuerdos de un viaje" ("Reminiscene of a journey"). The piece, that is dedicated to Vladislav Bláha, describes a journey that the dedicatee and that composer had together. The second piece of Bláhas program was his own arrangement of the "Concerto L' Estro Armonico" composed by Antonio Vivaldi. The original instrumentation of this piece are two violins, violoncello and string orchestra. Next in the program was Nikita Koshkins famous "Usher Waltz" a piece also dedicated to Vladislav Bláha. This piece tells a Horror story by Edgar Allen Poe in a programmatic way. The rest of the recital were two lyrical pieces by Manuel de Falla and Variations on a catalan folksong by John Duarte.

A felicitous concert evening in the sold-out Kaisersaal in Seckau.


debs_fruscella_duo_fr_homepageThe next highlight was the concert of the Duo Rania Debs / Antonio Fruscella on Thursday. The lebanese pianist and the italian guitarist that are living together in Paris had the audience from the first beginning on their side. The concert consisted of two parts, the first part of classical music and the second a combination of classical and popular music. To begin their concert the Duo played a piece in sonata form by Anton Diabelli. Diabelli is a underrated composer of the Viennese Classic, today he is more known for being a publisher. Debs and Fruscella continued with variation by Beethoven, in this work the guitar and the piano constantly change roles as the solo and the accompanying instrument. Prior to the intermission they played a marvelous Fantasia by Hans Haug. The second part of the concert started with an arrangement of Manuel de Fallas "Siete canciones populares espanolas". The original work is for piano and voice, the arrangement for piano and guitar shows us this great work in a fresh new light, as songs without word. The rest of the program was music from Brazil. A Sonatina by Gnatalli and a song composed by Garoto. Both very lyrical and rhythmical. A great concert!


Vilsleitnmusi3On friday, for the first time in the history of the guitar festival Seckau,  a concert of folk music was presented to the audience. The "Vilsleit'nmusi" formed by Harti Pilsner and Sissi Kagerl played on their guitars, made by Hanika. They presented a big variety of different middle european folk music styles - from the collection of Tobi Reiser to Folk music from northern Italy, also including a lot of their own compositions. Themselves they categorize as original folk music from Salzburg, Upper Austria and Lower Bavarian. For some program points the musicians changed their guitars to the Bandoneon and the Styrian Harmonica. A very atmospheric concert within a guitar festival, opening the borders of the classical guitar.


The final climax was the concert of the participants. In an hour of very concentrated guitar music, the young talents showed what they have learned in this week of intense guitar music studies. Year after year the performances of the participants seem to just get better and better.

The beginning and the ending were performed by the whole festival orchestra, consisting of all the participants, conducted by Johann Palier. The rest of the final concert were high level soloists, Duos, Trios and up to guitar quintets. Music of all different styles and epochs could be heard. Another very impressing detail is that the fun factor that is included at the guitar festival seckau. A very important concept of the festival is to connect the enjoyment of the music to the necessary work for high level performances.


Guitarorchestra Seckau 2012: Take Five (Arr.: Steflitsch / Palier)


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